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Lecturer, Department of Anthropology – The Chinese University of Hong Kong                present

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology – The Chinese University of Hong Kong     2020-22            

Visiting Researcher – Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Ethnic and                            2019

                                  Religious Diversity


Ph.D. – The New School for Social Research, Sociology                                                    2019

           • Committee: Jeff Goldfarb (chair), Rachel Sherman, Robin Wagner-Pacifici, Sharon Zukin

           • Dissertation: Nations as Destinations: Analyzing Tourist Source-Markets as Local Fields of

            Global Circulation

M.A. - The New School for Social Research, Sociology                                                      2011


M.A. (Magister) - Georg-August-University Goettingen (Germany), Political Science         2005


Organizations and Professions, Work and Labor, Globalization and the Nation-State, Consumption and 

Culture, Economic Anthropology, Media and Marketing, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods


Rosenkranz, Tim (2019). “From Contract to Speculation: New Relations of Work and Production in the Field

of Travel Journalism.” Work, Employment & Society 33 (4): 613-630.

Rosenkranz, Tim (2016). “Becoming Entrepreneurial: Crisis, Ethics and Marketization in the Field of Travel

Journalism.” Poetics 54 (1): 54-65.


“Circuits of Commodification: Imagination and Evaluation in National Destination Marketing” (under review)

  • SASE Early Career Scholar Award: Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (2019)



Dissertation Fellowship, The New School For Social Research                                                          2016 – 2017

National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant #1401064, Sociology                     2014 – 2015


Starr Travel and Research Grant, The India-China Institute                                                                            2014


Eberstadt Prize Fellowship, The New School for Social Research                                                     2011 – 2015



The Chinese University of Hong Kong:                                                                                               2020 - present

  • “Economy, Culture and Power” (postgraduate taught + undergraduate)

  • “Working Cultures – Ethnographies of Work in the 21st Century (postgraduate taught + undergraduate)

  • “Social Media and Culture” (undergraduate, UGEC)

  • “Contemporary Anthropological Theory” (undergraduate)

  • “History of Anthropological Theory” (undergraduate)

  • “Understanding Anthropology” (undergraduate)

Parsons The New School for Design (New York):                                                                                      2011 - 14

  • “Integrative Seminar II – Social Science Methods and Research Design” (undergraduate: freshmen)

City University of New York (CUNY):                                                                                                                    2012

  • “Introduction to Sociology 101” (Queens College / undergraduate)

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